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Name: Sandra Moga

Age: Sweet 24

Birthdate: 19 September

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Location: Earth -> Europe -> Romania -> Oradea -> In my room

Languages: Romanian, hungarian, english, japanese

Studies completed: Faculty of Letter at University of Oradea

Lifestyle: Vegan


Color: Red

Sport: Dance

Food: Sushi

Fruit: Cherry

Drinks: Pina Colada

Animal: Cats

Music: Contemporary

Movies: Marvel

Artist: Demi Lovato

Season: Autumn

Youtuber: Shane Dawson

Anime: Inuyasha

Manga: Nana

Comedian: George Carlin


They call me Sandra. I’m a 23 year old who is fighting for an extraordinary and exciting life.

I am a traveler and I won’t stop until I see the world.

I sometimes wish, I had paranormal powers, I wish I could fly, I’d hardly ever touch the ground.

I wish someday somebody would invent the machine that can see what people are dreaming.

I wish I could stop time.

I wish I could travel through dimensions. I wish for world peace. I wish for forever lasting happiness. I wish for all of us to find our other half and never stop loving. I wish that people would just accept that fact that we are all fucking special in our way. Lets all get together and laugh at our ethnic differences.

I want to become an inspirational person when i get older. Or, that i can open the door in the back of my closet to Narnia. I hope a lot of things happen.. I hope I can find those friends that will last forever. I hope my family will continue to be well. I hope I’ll be successful. I hope I can help people more. I hope I can be able to open my heart more. I hope that I can sleep well tonight. I hope that when tomorrow comes I’ll be happy. I hope that you are happy.

{-This is me. It’s all I am. All I will be. I will not change. Not for anybody. Not for anything.-}

Facts about me

First rule? I rule (kidding)

Love, for me, is something very precious and beautiful.

I want to be a cat.

Dreams are an escape from the real world.

Music is my safe heaven. It takes me away from reality.

I never do what the crowd does, I am myself.

I consider long hair beautiful.

People who love dogs, have a kind heart.

I love life.

I like four leaf clovers.

I wish the world would go vegan.

I can’t imagine my life without anime and manga.

I believe music is always there for you at hard times.

I daydream more often than normal people should.

Dancing is my life.

I believe in aliens, time travel, dimensions and anything paranormal.

Freaking people out is a piece of cake.

Laughing is my favorite thing.

I’m a perfectionist

I’m a cleaning maniac.

I hate the cold.

I am not a morning person.

I always carry an agenda.

I love surprises.

I love conspiracy theories.