30th of January 2018

A day at the Spa



"Sink not into oblivion, but sink into a nice hot spa."

- Anthony T.Hincks


Birthday Girl

I spoiled myself on my 23rd birthday and chose to spend it at the spa. It was a pleasant and relaxing experience and decided to share it.

Every girl (and guy) deserves a spa day! It doesn't matter what time of the year, month or week it is. You should always take care of yourself mentally and physically and have some zen moment.

Riserva Wine Spa

Officially I found the best spa place in my town, called Riserva Wine Spa placed on top of Ramada.

Let me start off that the place is absolutely beautiful, just by entering it instanly gives you a calming sensation.

It has everything you need: Himalaya and Praid salt relaxation room, the treatment room, sauna, fitness room and my favorite, the outdoor jacuzzi with a perfect view of the city. Not only that, but you can enjoy a good wine while you relax ( I also got myself a Pina Colada, my favorite).



They have many treatments which you can check out on their official website.

I chose to do the Voyage Divinum which includes: delicate exfoliation, grape jelly packaging, scalp massage, soothing massage of the entire body with honey and lavander.

The staff was super sweet and I felt very confortable. She was very professional and I felt really spoiled.

Of course there are many other treatments you can chose from, you just need to see the list and pick what fits your needs the most.


After enjoying my wine and Pina Colada, being massaged and finishing my jaccuzzi moment, I got hungry and had a romantic dinner downstairs at the restaurant, and because I am vegan I got myself grilled veggies and crispy fries.

What a beautiful way to end a perfect day!


Final thoughts

I truely think the place has a very luxurious vibe and I wouldn't recommend something if I am not sure of it.

I spent a good 6 hours at the place and will defintely go back every time I can.

So if you are from Oradea now you know where to find the best spa, or if you plan on visiting make sure to make a stop,

because you deserve to be spoiled.


Sneak peek of my birthday cake:



Until next time




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kati moga 1 year ago

Împatimitii după relaxare, fiti pe faza!Dar unde am putea merge pentru o zi relaxanta, în care sa lasăam toate grijile intr-ul colţ al casei şi să impachetam într-o valiză doar dorinţa de fugi pentru cateva ore de oraşul zbuciumat şi…costumul de baie? Trebuie neaparat sa incerc si eu!

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