10th of December 2017

Car Graveyard Chilly Autumn Days



"Fashion changes, but style endures."

- Coco Chanel



Autumn is hands down my favorite season. The warm colors, dancing leaves, pumpkins, leggings weather, sexy boots are out, and everything just seems more beautiful.

In today’s post I want to present two autumn looks. The photos are taken at the Car Graveyard from my city by the amazing photographer:

Diana Bocse (https://www.facebook.com/ddia1431/?pnref=lhc)



You will notice that almost every piece of item is from New Yorker. No this is not sponsored, it just happens that New Yorker is my favorite place to buy my cloths.




I love wearing in the fall season (and even winter time) a dress or shirts that are long enough just to cover what is needed, with leggings + boots. This would be my signature in dressing code.


I found this beanie in H&M, I don’t think they knew what the “L” meant, but I did. This you would normaly find at Hot Topic or other anime related stuff. I am a huge Death Note fan and that L comes from one of the main characters.

I love beanies, and for sure this is one of my favorites, I love the grey color and the warm material.

The blue top has the perfect length, it’s very loose and tight at the bottom, it’s comfy and compliments the body.

I’m obsessed with these black leggings with lace on the sides, If I could find them in the stores again, I’d probably buy ten more pairs.


As you may know, there are 4 things that I love in this world: my man, dancing, cats and my beats.

I am a huge music lover and as a dancer, I can’t imagine my life without my Beats by Dr Dre headphones. This is my most loyal item, been there for me from the hardest to the most happiest parts in my life.

The two items that are most sacred for me is my phone and my headphones.

Life has no sense without music.



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Top - New Yorker

Leggings - Takko

Boots - Mei

Beanie - H&M

Headphones - Beats by Dr Dre


The second look is a very fun style with the cat headband, it covers your ears, keeps you warm and makes you look all cute. I am obsessed with anything related to cats. Dispite all this, the black leather (ecological) jacket gives off a fearless air.

Underneath, the pink top has a fearless lion women on it and at the black it’s all animal print.

Because the top is long enough, I only added a darker shade of pink skinny leggings following with long boots that covers the knee.


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Headband - New Yorker

Top - New Yorker

Jacket - New Yorker

Leggings - New Yorker

Boots - Leonardo



Let me know which of the two you liked the most.

Thank you for checking my posts out, until next time,





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