13th of January 2018

Chicago Sweetheart



"Let me tell you something. I'm from Chicago. I don't break."

- Barack Obama


I know I have mentioned that Wisconsin Dells is my favorite place in the entire world, now I'm going to talk about my second favorite place, Chicago.

Before I get into it, yes I am aware that Chicago is one of the most dangerous places from United States and it does have its dark sides, my experience was 100% positive and didn't encounter anything weird.

Beautiful Chicago

When I think of Chicago, I think of glamour. There is no way you don't feel the celebrity Hollywood vibes when walking in downtown of Chicago, especially the night time, when the city is glowing and the skyscrapers are breathtaking.

I love the luxury I feel when walking in downtown, I love the endless shops in every corner - you see Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Sephora, Ulta and your wish list is growing with every step you take. I love the crowd - busy people hurrying, stressful locals forgeting the beauty around them. I love the air, I crave for the view, I wish time would stop so I can enjoy it longer.

Chicago is not only about the luxury - you have everything you need - you have the safe relaxed areas with American style houses next to each other, the beautiful schools - I always thought Chicago kids are so lucky to experience them.

In a crowded place like Chicago - you will always find it clean, unlike New York which is so dirty.

Every time I go to Chicago I get more amazed with every visit.

Let me share my favorite places:




No words needed.




I am NOT a Trump supporter by any means! But I really did like the Trump Tower.




The Signature Room

The most romantic place on Earth. You never had a perfect dinner until you go to The Signature Room. Imagine eating at the 95th floor with a breahtaking view, right next to the love of your life. To die for right? More than you can imagine.

Ladies, make sure to check the restrooms, thank me later, after you just taken the world's best selfie.

You are probably wondering, Sandra - isn't it super expensive to dine at such a luxury place like this? My answer is yes, BUT, on the 96th floor, you can also dine and have some drinks with a very affordable price!

This place is totally worth it, trust me on this.


If you are going for a couple of days in Chicago for a quick visit and looking out for cheap places to eat, you can always have a classic Chipotle, I love my vegan burritos.


Big Bean

And of course, The Big Bean is a classic. I have seen so many movies with this specific place growing up and to finally be there in person was incredible. It's definetely a popular touristic point.



Navy Pier

Another classic place of Chicago, the popular merry-go-round loved by everyone.



These are only the very few places I absolutely love in Chicago, I might do more in the future.

Let me know what you think, and if you ever been to Chicago before?

I would love to hear about your experience!







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Te rog fii un călător, nu un turist. Încearcă lucruri noi, întâlnește oameni noi și uită-te mai departe de ceea ce se află în fața ochilor tăi. Acestea sunt cheile pentru a înțelege minunata lume în care trăim!

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