10th of December 2017

Five things to do in Malia, Crete Island



"The people of Crete unfortunately make more history than they can consume locally."

- Saki



It was the first time I ever been to the sea and I’ve been dreaming to do it for a lifetime.  And yes, it really is as magical as everyone speculates.

A great vacation requests a great preparation for it. I did all my shopping a month before the trip and had it all figured out (swimsuit, beach dresses, colorful towels, swimsuit matching slippers, etc).




Nails - This beautiful art was made by Edina, the only girl I’ll ever trust to work with my nails. And yes, they were painted with hand.

Her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Edyna.nails/?fref=ts


Why did I choose Malia

Me and my fiance decided we want to go to Crete island for sure, first of all because it’s one of the most popular islands in Greece and heard only wonderful things about it, and we were happy to choose it.

The big decision was what area to pick, which was my duty and I did my research. My main focus to pick a location was obviously the view of the beach of the area. I wanted a true blue mesmerizing sea that made you question infinity. Not a single area of Crete was not analyzed, and I found Malia to be special, and I was right.

Malia is both for the crazy parties who want sleepless nights and dance until they cannot feel their feet anymore, or us, who were searching for a beautiful relaxing vacation and simply enjoy life.

In our trip, even though our hotel was located in Malia, we ended up visiting all the Crete island, and I can assure you that even after visiting it, I still found Malia the best.

Tips: traveling by bus is very cheap, do not rent cars, a fun thing to try is renting an ATV which 90% of the tourists of the island are traveling with.


[1] Choosing your hotel

My main goal in choosing my stay was that it should be located as near as possible to the sea side and not be crazy expensive. I was happily surprised to find this amazing place called Emerald Hotel on booking.com which was only 5 minutes walk from the beach and was only 35 euro per night. The staff were very welcoming, the owner Smaragda was very sweet, we stayed here seven days and before we left they gave us good bye gifts. The pool is amazing and their food is bomb.


[2] Spending the days at the beach

Obviously, this is the reason why everyone goes to the beach, to stay at the beach. As I said in my opinion, Malia has the most beautiful view of the island, where you believe in infinity.



[3] Exploring the restaurants

What I found funny in Crete was, that everywhere you eat out, no matter what you order, they will give you fries! Literally. Order pizza? You’ll get a side of fries. In the menu it said you’re getting only a burger? Think again, fries surprise. What goes best with salads? Fries. Which is a great thing actually, french fries are always welcomed.

They do have a lot of amazing restaurants with big portions of food, you won’t go home with an empty stomach that’s for sure.

All the restaurants have their own original style and decor. My favorites was the Galaxy Pub, Napolitana Restaurant and of course we ate at our hotel too. But we tried almost every restaurant in Malia. They do have places like Subway but I would say to try out new kind of foods every time you are traveling, don’t stick to your usual.



[4] Acqua Plus Water Park

From all of our days spent on the Crete island, this was my favorite day, going to Acqua Plus Water Park. Me and my fiance had an amazing time going on the water park rides and having a lot of fun. Coming here is a MUST.


[5] Swimming in the pool

Our hotel, as well as others too, have an amazing pool where you can swim to your hearts desire. Perfect way to suntan.



If you are going to Malia and have any questions feel free to comment down below.







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