14th of October 2017

How I spent my Sweet 18


"I'm eighteen; I'm a princess; and I'm a virgin. You know what? At this point in my life, I might as well be a unicorn. Happy freaking birthday to me."

- Meg Cabot, Forever Princess


Turning eighteen is kind of a big deal from where I am from, it is when you become legally an adult - but not really.

It is the same thing as turning 21 in US, or latinas celebrating their Quinceañera at 15.

Because I want to be as a raw as possible on my blog I am going to share with you some personal events, and this is one of them.

If you are not interested of my personal life feel free to click out and read other articles such as travel or other categories, "Lifestyle" might not be your thing. But if you are curious and enjoy reading here, thank you for your time. 

If your sweet 18 is coming soon or maybe you just want to have all birthdays special no matter the age, this might bring some inspiration.

I'm going to cover the preparations for the space, dress, food and other.

It might have not been a huge fancy Kardashian party with 250 invites, fireworks and Drake singing but it was still very precious.

It was one of my happiest years and felt like my life was all figured out.

This post may contain a lot of pictures of the night but every each of them makes me happy so I’ll leave them here to share with the world.


I planned my birthday party months before the event. Even though I was born on the 19th of September I celebrated it on the 21st so it was on a friday night.

The first thing to do was to find the perfect place to attend it, I was a dancer all my life and was surrounded with other dancers, so my first issue was finding a big enough dancefloor.

After checking out many restaurants and fancy places, I found the perfect one, near my town, at Baile Felix, the restaurant is called Art Club.

What I liked about it was that the place was more of a amphitheater for the tables and the dance floor was huge. Luckily the place was free on the day I wanted to rent it because I did pay for it in early June.



I found a great DJ to entertain us with all his cool mixes and great songs;

And one of the best photographers in town: Gabriel Dan (https://www.facebook.com/PhotolinePhotography/?pnref=lhc).



I did not buy my dress, I made it with one of the best dressmakers in my town. I wanted a White and Red style for my party, I was matching even with my birthday cake.

I was the one who came out with the ideas how to create this dress, and it was one of my favorites I ever made. The white material was beautiful and simple, and because I love tulle’s I added on the bottom of the dress just to make it more fun, I made sure it would be longer than the white material so that it would stand out more. After that, the whole dress was decorated with small sparkling red and silver stones. Because I was obsessed with Japense culture and wanted to be more ‘japanesey’, I added to my waist a red ‘belt’ type with satin material and made a big bow at the back.

I love this dress and I still keep it in my wardrobe till to this day and I will always cherish it.

I completed the look with red highheels from Mei which I thought it would go perfectly because it has bows on it, red lady-like gloves which had aswell bows and them,  and of course a tiara, I wanted to feel like a princess on my magical night so I might as well dress up like one.



Of course I had to have a chocolate fountain. Because..life is too short to not have one at one of your parties.


This party wasn’t possible without my parents support and I owe them the world.


All my friends, classmates and dance team was there, and it was magical. I was blessed to have every each of them.


Special gift from my dance team: Big pink teddy bear, which later I named Hime (means Princess in japanese)


And of course, there was a lot of dancing. After all, the place was filled with dancers.

The dancefloor was never empty.


But that was not all, I wanted to make something even more special for my party. So I planned me and my dance team to make a little surprise dance show for everyone.

It was not perfect, the team got a little drunk but we had a lot of fun doing it.

Getting all warmed up before the show:



Sneak peek of the video:


And as a grand finale and one of the most important part, the birthday cake.



This delicious art was made by American Desserts, just like the dress, I designed how the cake to look like. And as I said, matching my dress, white and red style.

The bottom of the cake had the diamond card sign, at the middle the classic bow that matched myself, following with a beautiful corset shape written La multi ani, Sandra!” which means in romanian Happy birthday, Sandra!

On top, even though it doesn’t look like me, it’s supposed to be me in a beautiful dancer dress and a classic 18 number.




I had a total of 55 invites and I love each and every one of them.





Thank you everyone who made this day special !

I hope you enjoyed my birthday story. Let me know how you spent your special day with a comment down bellow.


With love,


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