1st of November 2019

Leaning Tower of Pisa

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"Sure, the Leaning Tower of Pisa leaned like everyone else said it would, the mountains of Tibet were more beautiful than you had ever expected, and the Pyramids of Egypt stood mysteriously in the sea of sand like in the pictures; yet is it the environment or rather the openness in mindset, that makes up the elusive essence of happiness that we experience when we travel"

- Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls

The Leaning Tower, brings out the beauty of Pisa.

Would Pisa still be known and visited by thousand of tourists every year, if the Tower have not existed?

Probably not.

Not to take away Pisa's beauty, but it's what it makes it so special.

People tend to have interests of the unordinary.

We tend to reach out for unique, quite stranger phenomenal, regardless for its spectacularity or ugliness.

We write poems and books about it, we write songs and sing it, we make movies and people buy it.

Yet we claim to lead a normal life, we need the ordinary, plain simple life. Because that brings us peace. Yet the best memories start with crazy actions.

So what category does Pisa fall? Or, where it leans.

Galileo Galilei is the mastermind of this tower. Not only he created the tower, but it survived four strong Earthquakes.

850 years later it is still standing tall.

Today, it is one of Italy's biggest tourist attraction and on many people's bucket list to visit.

Here are a few photos of my last visit.

I might or might have not tried to make the Tower my own personal Vegan Ice Cream.


pisa icecream tower
pisa tower
pisa kiss
leaning tower of pisa
italy pisa



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