2nd of January 2018

Little Red Riding Hood

"Fear isn't so difficult to understand. After all, weren't we all frightened as children? Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday. It's just a different wolf. This fright complex is rooted in every individual."

- Alfred Hitchcock

Another photoshooting made during my favorite season of all times - Autumn.

This photoshooting was made by the talented Miha Vana (https://www.facebook.com/Miha-Vana-Photographer-618095138271315/)

You can never go wrong with a classic red dress. Red is the color of sexiness, confidence and overall a girl boss.

I feel like not everyone can pull out a red look. You need the confidence for it. It can be in dresses, skirts, headbands, high heels. The secret to it is to use the least accesorries as possible. You can never forget the girl in red from a party. Matching it with a red liquid lipstick? A total killer. I recommend using Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick, they are cruelty free, vegan and lasts more than any other lipsticks, hands down they are my tops on the list (Favorite shade of red - Outlaw).

Don't forget when you pick out any kind of dress check the material, make sure no animals were used in the making of it. You are better than that.

Cruelty free is the new beauty.

Stay red, darlings.




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