17th of October 2019

London - Vegan approved!

aviary rooftop lodon

As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.

- Pythagoras

Every time I go to London I am pleasently surprised when I look on a menu.

For sure, London, or should I say United Kingdom, is one of Europe's most Vegan friendly place out there.

I always say you can be a Vegan anywhere and order something vegan at any restaurant, even in the meatiest ruler places. I mean, you can always find some golden potatos/french fries and grilled vegetables, right?

UK is a different story. It shows how some countries are actually more evolved than others.

I can actually go to a random London restaurant and there will be at least one full page of delicious Vegan options. I'm not talking about simple foods - the amount of Vegan burgers you can find in London is insane, and I am absolutely obsessed with burgers. I could eat them every day. And the taste is out of this world! Delicious!

I am sure there are other amazing restaurants out there in London I haven't tried before, but here is a very short list of the places I fell in love with and I hope you will too.


vegan london elancafe

By Chloe

By Chloe is a very popular 100% Vegan resturant in the states. Originally they are from New York and Los Angeles but recently they opened in London.

Yes are as tasty as they look!

Ever since I tried their french sweet patato fries it's all I've been craving with a burger.

The salads in the photo is the Kale Caesar and the Spicy Thai.

They also make their own delicious chipotle sauce!

Anything you order here looks instagramable and the taste is satisfying your every dream.

May they expand their brand in more corners in the World! Because we sure need them in our life.

by chloe london


The cover of this page above is the view of this very restaurant which is located on the rooftop.

I LOVE rooftop restaurants.

Especially in big cities where the view is breathtaking.

And Aviary is possibly London's best restaurant to do that job.

The view is insane. I reccomend going during night time when the lights go on in the city.

A date with your partner at this location is London's most romantic spot.

You're welcome!

They have delicious Vegan options + desserts!

Which is nice because I rarely find vegan desserts in restaurants.

So a big bonus! Not only for the view but for the food and professional service!

aviary rooftop food
aviary rooftop dessert

Elan Cafe

Are you ready, for the World's pinkiest place on Earth?

I present you, Elan Cafe. Where even the drinks are pink.

Yes they have Vegan options.

If this place is not instagram worthy I don't know what is.

Photos speak for itself.

london girl roses
elancafe london
elancafe pinkgirl
elancafe vegangirl
elancafe london cakes
elancafe food
elancafe breakfast
elancafe hummus

These were my top 3 restaurant choices in London as a Vegan.

Let me know if you had tried any of these places and what did you order.

May us Vegans enjoy delicious foods all around the World, as London vegans do.




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