27th of November 2017

Modern Renaissance palette ABH



"Winter brings a colder palette with more heavy blue and violet, Fall has substantial more reddish and brown, Summer brings a variation of pastel colours and Spring fresh green and tangerine."

- Siren Waroe

The Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance palette is hands down my favorite palette of all times. I've been playing with it for almost over a year, my hubby got it for me for Christmas, and each time I do my make up I tend to always reach out for this palette rather than my others from my collection.

Even though it's been a year and this baby was used and loved so many times, it almost looks untouched. You are getting a great amount of product and it takes like forever to hit pan.

This pallete has 14 beautiful colors. Anastasia Beverly Hills makes one of the best matte colors in the market.

I love using Burnt Orange as a transition color, Tempera as a highlight inner corner and brow bone, Love letter and Primavera as an all lid, and Cyprus Umber is the most perfect shade to darken the outer corners. I usually like when palettes contain a black color but Cyprus Umber is so good that I'm not even mad.



Anastasia Beverly Hills is my favorite make up brand on the market. I am obsessed with their eyebrow products and their eyeshadow formulas are on point.

The cost of this palette is 42$ and is made in the USA

I love every color in this palette. They are 3 shades that you can buy individualy: Buon Fresco, Burnt Orange and Warm Taupe.

These shadows are very pigmentad. They feel very creamy and buttery, this being said beware of fallouts which is natural on highly pigmented eyeshadows, just dip your brush softly. There are many looks you can pull out of this palette, from day to glam. It suits all skin colors and it is easy to travel with.

The packaging is a pretty pale pink velvet material but it gets dirty really easily and it's almost impossible to clean it, it does come with a mirror but I never tend to use it.

I personally don't like the brush. The brush is made in China, the fluffy side is very scratchy, I only tend to use the flat side to pack color on all lid.

I hope you find this helpful and if you are still thinking of purchasing this palette I highly encourage you to do so.





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