15th of July 2018

My trip to London



"Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."

- Samuel Johnson



Ahh yes, sweet London, one of the must see destinations in the World.

To be honest with all of you, I did not intend to post anything about my visit to London because it was a escape-from-everything kind of travel back in May, without caring to take any classy photos and just live in the moment type of mindset. But I had so much fun and already want to go back soon.

I remember my American friends talking about how much they want to visit Europe and I thought London is probably one of the most popular cities on the wish list. I rewatched some of the photos and made me live London all over again, and this time I want to share it with you.

You basically can do all of these activities in one single day if you don't waste time around.




Double Deckers. Yes, I repeat. Double Deckers. Do not take taxies (even though I know they look so good) because it's just wasted money that you could spend on vegan burgers. You buy a 5 euro bus ticket that you can reuse all day no matter how many times you want, it's the best way to discover London. And the view from the top is lovely.

Buy a map, a good old fashion way to navigate in an unknown city. Don't get me wrong, google maps is great, but a map was a game changer.

Do not rely on wifi. Finding wifi in London is like making money in Wisconsin - never enough.

Oh and if you want to shop in Sephora, don't waste your time. I literally searched every corner of London to find one, there is no such thing.

Moving on.




One of the best thing I loved about London is the food! My heart is so much in joy I cannot stress enough! In every restaurant or local food store, there is vegan food! You can find vegan burger everywhere! Vegan sandwiches, yogurts, chocolate, muffin, pancakes, and so on - all VEGAN! The world is becoming a better place and it makes me so happy. I wish my city was the same.



Big Ben

One of the things I was truly dissapointed of in London was the Big Ben.

Big Ben has been under construction for a few years and will be for a lot of years ahead aswell.

Once it will be finished I will for sure go back in London and revisit the new renovated famous Big Ben and take a proper picture of it.

What do you guys think? It looks just odd.



Are you really in London if you don't get to enjoy the famous telephone cabin?




The London Eye is a must see tourist attraction after all.



Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

I feel the need to explain myself, not that I care what the world thinks of me, but I need to put out a small warning.

Some of the photos you're about to see is me being in dramatic poses and goofing around. As I said in the beginning, none of these photos were meant to be posted on social media (only on insta stories for my friends), unprofessional and unplanned, raw pictures. Being serious all the time is too damn boring, so love me for me.

At the end I will also share some photos I posted on my personal instagram story trying to be funny. I know I'm not funny. Now that we cleared all of this, enjoy.

My final thoughts on my experience at the Wax Museum is that I was blown away of the work that was put into for every detail in making the figures. They are so realistic - it's creepy. Definitely one of my favorite things I did in London!

I'm obsessed with Marvel, so that was my favorite part. Also had to take those selfies with Kim K.


Wow, that was an awfully lot of photos for someone who didn't intend to post anything, huh. Nevermind, we'll just ignore that.

When I look at myself at the past me (before I did skydiving), it's just so weird.

It's amazing how many things can happen in only a few months. I changed so much as a person and I have such a different mindset (not that I don't like to goof around, because I still do that stuff). I love seeing myself evolve and becoming a better person each day.

Going back to the London topic, I hope this inspired you to take some days off and go on a city break to London.

It's definitely fun and a great experience.

Comment down bellow what city should I visit next.

Until next time,




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