9th of January 2019

New Years Eve in Barcelona

barcelona beach cover

"The New Year is a painting not yet painted; a path not yet stepped on; a wing not yet taken off! Things haven’t happened as yet! Before the clock strikes twelve, remember that you are blessed with the ability to reshape your life"

- Mehmet Murat Ildan

barcelona beach palm trees

I want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year full with goals and powerful confidence. I hope everyone spent their Holidays filled with love and warmth. Let this be one of our best years yet!

This New Years Eve I wanted to skip winter a little bit. Just craved some sunshine and run away from the every day cold wind. So I choosed Spain's most beautiful city, Barcelona.

Such a beautiful place with polite people, I was amazed by the peaceful traffic and stress free aura around people.

I visited pretty much everything I had on my wish list in Barcelona.

Fun fact in Spain: It's a tradition in Spain that the first 12 seconds of the year when the bell rings, you eat 12 pieces of grapes, you better bet your girl did that hahah.

It's said that each grape bring good luck for each of the month, so 12 grapes means a whole year of only good luck.

Putting that aside, here is the list worth seeing in Barcelona.

What to visit in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

sagrada familia barcelona girl

Probably Barcelona's most iconic place to visit.

Millions of tourists all over the World travel to visit this Temple made by the genius Gaudi.

This temple is being built for 130 years and is still not finished, it's the World's longest project ever made.

Gaudi's vision seeks perfection which makes every detail mesmerizing and unique.


You can only buy tickets online.

And that counts for every other attractions you want to visit.

In Barcelona everything is bought in advanced online and a few days prior (tickets sell out quickly).

A simple Sagrada Familia entrace ticket fee is 15 euro per person, the other ones like the audio tour, guide tour and such are a higher price.

Suggestions: The simple entrace fee is enough. Just watch a documentary before your trip so you know the history behind the temple and when you arrive you can just enjoy the art view. Save some cash.

sagrada familia barcelona
interior sagrada familia

Torre Agbar

torre agbar

Torre Agbar is a unique building in the heart of Barcelona, it is closed for tourists so you cannot enter even though the view must be great.

Torre Agbar is a 38 story tower predominant with the colors red, blue and silver.

Definitely a star of the show in many photos.


torre agbar daytime
torre agbar barcelona

Park Guell

park guell

A beautiful place to see Barcelona from the top. The entrace to the park is free and it's a great way to spend your afternoon in the nature taking a healthy walk with a view.

If the want to enter the Park Guell bulding which is decorated with unique colorful glasses made by the one and only Gaudi himself, it's the same like the Sagrada Familia, you have to prebuy your tichets only online, the fee is between 5-6 euro per person.



brunch and cake

Brunch and Cake

Barcelona's most iconic place to dine.

For this location you have to stay in line to get a table, and the lines are not short.

The price is not the cheapest, but once you see your plate it's totally worth it.

For all you vegans out there, you have plently of delicious options to choose from. I chose the burger, because, I'm probably obsessed with burgers. And the brownie was a killer, probably the best one I ever tried.

See for yourself.

brunch and cake barcelona
brunch and cake barcelona vegan
brunch and cake vegan

La boqueria

A mini Vegan heaven filled with the most delicious fruits and veggies. Totally worth visiting.


la boqueria barcelona
barcelona food

Barcelona vegan churros

barcelona vegan churros

And don't forget the Vegan Churros! You can find it everywhere in Barcelona and they are delicious!


Casa Battlo

What I loved about Barcelona is that on every corner of the street, each building has a unique arhitecture, they are all special in their own way, each having their own personality and touch to the city.

Casa Battlo happens to be a little more famous. And by the photo you can see why.

Absolutely stunning. An eye catcher.

casa battlo

Camp Nou

camp nou

There is a reason why you see imagines of football players if you type in to Google "Barcelona" and not the city itself. And that's because ladies and gentlemen, it because of our men.

What do men hear when you say Barcelona? They hear Camp Nou football arena.

I went with my man and there is no way this attraction was not visited.

So ladies, make your man happy, even if you are like me, a non-football lover.

But I must say, the place was actually nice and worth it.

Barcelona Beach in January

How can you go to Barcelona and not visit the Beach? No matter what time of the year.

January in Barcelona was 18 degree, I loved it! Of course we did not sunbath or anything, but it was warm and the sunlight was great.

And even in January, the surfers were in the water enjoying their time. Who cares about winter or summer, passion is passion, and the warmth of Barcelona allows it.

barcelona beach vegan
barcelona beach w hotel
tandem barcelona

We travelled with a tandem bike. Super romantic, super convenient.

The price was 30 euro for 11 hours. The fastest way to visit all your must see attractions!

Thank you for reading my first blog post of the year. Many more is on the way!

Would love to hear your experience in Barcelona, let me know what you loved the most!

With love,


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