1st of January 2018

Prom Night



"Since this was a formal undead gathering, there would be food - all kinds - drinks, dancing, and festivities, while those in power pondered whether or not to slaughter half the people around them. In other words, like a school prom."

Jeaniene Frost, Destined for an Early Grave


Prom, the last one. The one you have after finishing all your studies. The one that says F you I ain't doing exams ever again. You successfully finished university and all that is left is prom night to celebrate your entrace to the wild world. Food, dancing, spending time with people you liked and hated in class. You know, all that normal stuff.

But let's talk about the classy stuff.


I got my dress from one of my favorite places from my city called Atmosphere Oradea, a place with somewhat affordable clothings that sure knows how to put you in the spotlight.

Necklace and earrings are from Claire's , bought directly from Tanger, Wisconsinde Dells, WI.


Don't forget to shine on your prom night and dance on that dancefloor till morning. You deserve it.







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