23rd of May 2018

Skydiving experience



If at first you don't succeed then skydiving definitely isn't for you.

- Steven Wright

I am brave. I am fearless. I went skydiving.

If you read my previous blog post about "Best version of you", you know that I set up some challenges to work on myself and developing the best version I can possibly be. Such as being a kind person, saving lives, having a strong connection with the people around me, educating myself, be more social and so many crazy activities that I haven't mentioned yet which I will but in the future.

And one day, I thought, you know what?

I want to work on my courage. I want to be more brave. I'm going to do something extreme. And it hit me.

What can possibly be more extreme, than jumping out of a freaking airplane?


So I searched the nearest skydiving area and found tandemugras.com and booked immediately an appointment. They are based in Nyiregyhaza and Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary. I chose to go to Nyiregyhaza and it is placed at its airport. The atmosphere of the place was very welcoming and the staff were super friendly.

I had the honor to jump with Peti, the man I basically trusted my life into his hands. As I was so nervous he reassured me all along the way that everything will be amazing, he smiled all the time and made you feel relaxed and taken good care of.

He is truly a professional and been doing this for 28+ years and he started when he was only 19.

It was my honor to jump in tandem with him. He is amazing, kind and keeps you safe!

So if you ever decide to skydive in the area, I cannot recommend you enough to choose Peti. He's the best of the best!

Here is a photo of us after reaching ground.


Skydiving changed my life

Okay so the reason you clicked on this blog post is to find out exactly - what's it like to skydive??

The night before, I kept overthinking and imagining myself jumping out of an airplane, I watched videos of people skydiving and tried being in their shoes - maybe you are the same right now, nervous of the day you jump, maybe you are just interested for the near future, or maybe it's something you wouldn't ever do in your life but you read anyway because it's entertaining and you just feel curious. Whatever the reason, carry on.


Peti picked out my skydiving outfit and helped me adjust it and secure the buckle so there won't be any problems while jumping. He filmed a mini interview with me asking if I am ready and what expectations I have on this big day. I told him that there were many people who called me crazy, and now I know why. I wouldn't have this interesting life if I didn't have a little craziness inside me.

We waited for the aircraft to be ready, we were a total of 8 people who were about to jump and it looked like I was the only one doing it for the first time.

We all had to push the aircraft before going up. It sounds silly, but I felt as if we were going to war in a heroic way, doing something brave and insane, but doing it with pride.


You are sitting in the airplane, as you feel it goes up higher and higher, and you just know: the moment that door opens, your life will never be the same anymore.

And it happens. It opens. And you watch people jumping out of the airplane, one by one, you can feel the wild pressure of the air, you can see how they are sucked out like they are nothing and disappear into emptiness. We walk to the door, I look out, and I see DEATH. I see something greater than me, I see something so powerful I cannot control, a merciless beauty showing you who's boss.

There was no going back, my fate was written and I was ready to accept what was coming. He sat down, while my legs were floating into infinity of nothingness. I held my head up, and we jumped.

That day, I jumped out of an airplane, 3500m above, with a speed of 200km/h.


I fell into nothingness with that high speed for a whole 40 seconds before opening the parachute. I felt as if my heart stopped in those moments. It's a feeling like no other. No roller coaster can never be compared to skydiving, this is the real deal.

And while you're falling, you realize, it's BLISS. Skydiving is the most BLISSFUL experience of your life!

The moment of maximum danger is the moment of zero fear! All my fears disappeared and I loved every second of it.

I couldn't stop smiling. I knew what was happening was life changing and the best feeling in the world.

The parachute opened, and I saw the most beautiful view I ever laid eyes on. I couldn't stop staring at the beauty of this planet. After the parachute opens it takes 3-4 minutes to get to the ground. I enjoyed every moment of it.

I touched a cloud, and I even saw my own shadow on a other cloud.

I will never be the same person after experiencing such a blissful moment.

I'll leave some photos here. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.


I am flying

The photos speak for itself.

I will forever be greateful for this moment, which changed my life for the better.

I feel much stronger, I feel brave and fearless. And I feel like there is nothing I can't do. I am so proud of myself and I love life in every possible way.

I am happy I could share this with you today.

If you are thinking of skydiving, I say go for it. But I have to put out a warning: skydiving is not for everyone, you need a strong heart and a lot of courage.

Be safe and be happy!

See you next time!

With love,


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