18th of January 2018

Subculture Palette ABH



"Joining a subculture, any subculture, for whatever reason, is as I see it never a legitimate self-expression. It is always a result of sheep mentality; a wish to belong somewhere."

- Varg Vikernes



Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hello everyone, I'm back with another review for Anastasia Beverly Hills, my favorite make up brand of all time.

A year ago I got for Christmas the Modern Renaissance palette which I did a review on, you can check that out on my blog, if you had read it you already know that that's my favorite palette I ever owned and I doubt something could replace it anywhere in the near future.

I love Anastasia, I love Norvina and all they stand for. I love that the brand is Cruelty Free and have vegan products

I own their palettes, liquid lipsticks, brow definer, brow gels, cream contour kits, etc (might do reviews on them soon).

This Christmas, I got the Subculture palette. I was beyond excited about the announcement and couldn't wait to get my hands on them. The colors looked beautiful, I was excited to see Fudge in the palette, I wanted to buy the individual shadow Fudge color for some time now.

I do watch Youtube and I feel like the reviews on the palette exploded. There has been created such a huge drama about this palette, it was unbelievable. All the titles said FAIL and everyone complained about the fallouts of the shadows. They would show you how they dip their brush in the palette and how it falls apart and hitting the pan. I am not saying they are wrong, I respect everyone's opinion, make up is a really personal taste.

But that did not stop me from wanting the palette, giving it a chance and creating my own opinion.

Before I wrote this review I wanted to play with every color of the palette, see how it looks on the eyes after 10 hours of work, how they blend, how they mix together and see what I like the most. This is why it took so long to review this, so here we go.

Here is my honest review:


Subculture Palette

Norvina said (Anastasia's daughter), that if Modern Renaissance had a sister, it would be Subculture. And I couldn't agree more. I feel like they compliment each other perfectly. She also said that if Modern Renaissance was day, Subculture was night.

Let's break it down: the cost of the palette is 42 dollars, the packaging is the same velvet material Modern Renaissance had, which I really do like but it gets easily dirty and almost impossible to clean it. You get one metalic (Adorn), two duo chromes (Electric, Cube) and eleven ultra mates.

I do not use the brush it comes with, I feel like the fluffy side is very scratchy and doesn't pick the product right. I always use my Hakuhodo brushes which in my opinion are the best. The other side of the brush is okay, not amazing, I sometimes use it for the lid for an all color.

Their pigmentation is no joke! And that is why I love this brand. The colors are beautiful, I love New Wave, Fudge, Adorn and All Star, I have a love-hate relationship with Cube and I am not a fan of Electric.




So the question everyone is asking. How bad are the fallouts really?

I don't see why anyone would dip their brush like that into the shadows, all of the colors are super pigmented. You only need to slightely touch the shadow with the brush and you will have a great amount of product on it. It is not a Morphe palette which you have to dip your brush hard to see any pigment. Just like the Modern Renaissance palette, Subculture I feel like there is no way you will ever hit pan, because you barely have to pick up the color to see it on the eyes. I love how it blends, I love the colors they chose to put in the palette, you have your pop of colors, they are so many looks you can pull out with Subculture.



Would I repurchase it?

Yes. I do really love this palette and I get excited everytime I sit down and use it. I think the palette was beautifully made. All of my reviews will always be 100% honest.

Thank you for taking the time to read here, until next time!





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