28th of October 2019

Walking around Milano as a Vegan

duomo cathedral

A complicated structure? Undoubtedly. But after all, the cathedral of Milan is complicated too, and you still look at it with awe.

- Kato Lomb

Milano is Unique.

Not only for the Duomo Cathedral, the beautiful and complex Gothic architecture, that holds the title of the World's second largest cathedral, first place title occupied by Barcelona's Sagrada Familia (click to read about it), but because Milan gave me expectations from now on.

Expectations about food.

I was blown away of the gastronomy this city had to offer.

You can pretty much visit Milano is only one day! But I would go back anytime just for the food.

They say Italy is one of the few countries that have a huge reputation for their food, but this summer I did an Italy tour around Venice-Bologna-Pisa-Milano and I was not impressed by the other places. Venice pizza was not that great and I was not blown away by their pasta.

But Milan, made me think I will never eat a better pizza in my life ever again. The taste was unreal and I have been craving it ever since.

milano shopping

What I also love about Milan is,

You can find the happiest pigeons.

These beautiful, care-free birds are a famous attraction in front of the Cathedral.

They are happy and fat.

There is a man standing there giving you corn so they the pigeons land on your hand and takes your photo that he prints on the spot. The photos are cheap and it sure is a nice display on your desk reminding you of your Italy visit.

You will also find men walking around with luck bracelets telling you it's for free but then expecting some cash.

The word free doesn't mean free in Italy.

I had two on me for a few months and didn't feel the luck energy but you know, one can try.

duomo milan
milan duomo

What I ate in a day in Milano

Aperol Spritz - Are you even in Italy if you're not sipping some Aperol Spritz while enjoying the viewGet on board and order that drink.

Pizza - Here is a photo of the greatest pizza I have ever eaten in my 25 years of living. No do not argue with me. This was flawless.

Ice Cream - I found this cute ice cream place called Artico near the Duomo Cathedral, they served vegan ice cream and it was again, probably the most delicious ice cream ever, maaybe after Ben&Jerry's PB&Cookies ice cream, because that is my nr.1 love.

Burger - I LOVE burgers. I love it more than pizza or any other food there is. Burgers are a blessing for us and we must thank their creation. There is a Vegan local called Flower Burgers that is open in a few more other cities in Italy. What is special about this local, besides it's 100% veganism and insane delicious taste is that their burgers are rainbow colored. You can have your burger pink, yellow, whatever. They are pretty and taste delightful. I picked the edgy black color because I felt edgy that day, why not. 

vegan pizza italy

aperol spritz milano
artico milano vegan icecream

flower burgers milano

Enjoy Veganism, it's the best lifestyle you can have.


You can veganize any food. And make it even better.




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