12th of October 2018

What I ate in Belgrade as a Vegan

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

- Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

Anyone can be vegan in any part of the World. There is always something you can order in any non-vegan place, fancy restaurants or even fast foods.

This is what I ate in Belgrade as a vegan, enjoy!

With the photo on the left I'm cheating, that single picture was not taken actually in Belgrade but actually on my way to the destination taking a break from an almost 6 hour drive.

They have this vegan dish in Timisoara (Romania) in their Iulius Mall.

It's falafel, hummus, garlic sauce and a side salad with a piece of tortillia.

A definitely good choice.

For me the biggest challenge was eating breakfast in a hotel that literally doesn't have much options to choose from but I still managed to fill my plate and actually feel full until lunch time.

See photos bellow Left picture (Day 1), Right picture (Day 2).

This is what I got:

Always a fresh orange juice with my daily nutritional nuts (cashews, hazelnuts, almonds), some vegetables and a pice of bread with cherry jam.


(the name of the hotel was City Code in Zemus area, highly recommended)

The truth is, any restaurant will always have french fries and grilled vegetables. Trust me, that is my number one go to when there is no vegan option in a menu. And they always turn out really delicious. I love golden potatoes so that is always my option.

On our first night we dined at Pivnica Stanica PIVA and the food and cocktails were on point.

The two photos down below was taken at one of the fanciest restaurants in Belgrade called Toro.

What I loved about this restaurant beside the beautiful view of Sava river is that they had a special Vegan menu with plenty of options to choose from.

I picked the avocado sushi with a cocktail.

Definitely a must go to even if you are or not vegan yourself.

This was my little sneak peek of the few dines I had during Belgrade.

I encourage vegans to go explore any restaurant they want, they will always find something delicious to pick from.

Veganism is not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

(Photo: appetizer at Sava's river in a beautiful local called Savanova)



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