Nojorid, Romania

I died today - Kyro Moga

"If you gave someone your heart and they died, did they take it with them? Did you spend the rest of forever with a hole inside you that couldn't be filled?" - Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

Oradea, Romania

23 Things I learned

"The only person who is spiritually smart is the one who has learned how to learn, unlearn, and change directions instantly, and start all over again, if your soul calls for it." - Michelle Casto

Everywhere, Earth

Best version of you

"When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves." - Steve Maraboli

New York, United States

Almost killed in New York?

"You’ve gone far away to a place with no horses and very little grass, and you’re studying how to write a story with a happy ending in New York. If you can write that ending for yourself, maybe you can come back." - Jennifer Echols, Love Story